Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Everyone Needs to Know

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With only about 53,000 cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed in the United States in a given year, the disease is fairly rare. Accounting for just 3 percent of all cancers in America, however, pancreatic cancer claims more than 43,000 lives each year. Adding up to 7 percent of all cancer deaths, the grim numbers associated […]

The pair of kidneys in your body has a very important function of purification in your system and if there happens to be an issue in its tissues, it can result in cancer of the kidney. When kidney cells begin growing irregularly, they produce a tumor that is cancerous. The common indications of the disease […]

Genital wart removal is a somewhat embarrassing topic which may put people off discussing it. Unfortunately, because genital warts are so common and easy to catch, we all should have some awareness of their causes, prevention, and cure. Like any other wart, a genital wart is caused by the human papillomavirus, of HPV. The HPV […]

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer has been reported with nearly 1 million new cases a year. However, the good news is that the disease is curable and that there may be many steps they take to prevent skin cancer. Skin cancer is also called the formation of the skin and the […]

Impotence – Symptoms, Signs Index And Treatment

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Impotence is one of the most common medical problems faced by men today. This medical problem is characterized by a consistent inability to achieve ejaculation or sustain an erection for sexual intercourse. Here we may note that the symptoms experienced by those suffering from impotence can vary. One can experience a total inability to achieve […]

Throat Cancer Treatments

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Throat cancer usually develops on the mucosal surface of the larynx, pharynx or mouth. The most common symptom of the throat cancer is the lump or the nodule in the neck. The symptoms for the thyroid cancer vary depending on the type of the thyroid cancer. The thyroid cancers are rare. Throat cancer cases make […]

10 Reasons to Frequently Drink Green Tea

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If you fancy something to drink, whether hot or cold, you might want to go for green tea. It is no secret that this type of beverage has been used since the ancient times by China and neighboring regions to prevent and treat a wide variety of health conditions. The Crystal Plastic Surgeons team are […]

Fluids And Cancer

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Fluids And Cancer. During chemotherapy, diarrhea can be a problem. Stay away from foods which aggravate this condition. Some foods you should avoid are fried foods, anything high in sugar, caffeine, high fiber foods, nuts, seeds, whole grains and dried fruit. If you have diarrhea be sure to drink plenty of fluids so you do […]

Tick, Tick, Tick: Your Toiletries Are a Time Bomb

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Today’s consumer is smarter and more aware of toxins and chemicals than ever before. We check labels in the supermarket, wash produce to remove residual pesticides and embrace homeopathic and natural remedies for our ailments. But most people don’t think twice about checking their toiletry bags for toxins. Shockingly, there are a whole host of […]

Gum Problems Prevention Awareness

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Dental problems are increasing day by day that’s why we have to take a great care of our gums from diseases. People are going to become more aware about their oral diseases. Oral hygiene is quiet an essential part of our health and it keeps our mouth healthy. Oral diseases originate from the remaining decaying […]